Monday, January 25, 2010

Tactic 100 : Image

Image is everything. 90% of the time your image makes or breaks the task automatically what ever you do! 

Image sells and un-sells decisively.

How you present the thing is absolutely critical. It’s because psychological utility overrides the functional fitness.

Tactic 99 : sans Special Effects

Very often, if not always, we are impressed, influenced and bullied by the special effects associated with a person or situation – e.g. the titles, the environment, the looks, the positions, the reputations, the affiliations, etc.. 

In such cases, merit and the reality take the back seat (or even stage a walkout). 

The actual standing of the person or a situation is often a fraction of the glorified or ‘made-up’ picture.

Tactic 98 : Isolate and deal

Whether a problem or an opponent, don’t deal with them in their bastion and in groups.

Troubles and troublemakers draw a lot of strategic strengths from their surroundings, settings and associations.

They are reduced to the mere shadows of their selves when in isolation.

Tactic 97 : Challenge

A challenge pumps up the adrenalin and dares you to attempt the seemingly impossible. 

A challenge is a direct assault on a person’s ability, self-esteem and his very existence.

A challenge forces a person to draw out all energy and resources from the deepest of reserves.

Tactic 96 : Transparency

It is one of the most dramatic and effective tactics of all. 

This, in fact, is an anti-tactic tactic. Once you remove all walls and allow free flow of information, it becomes very difficult to influence the natural course of action.

It is seemingly simple but deadly effective. 

If you want dramatic improvement especially in any public sphere, throw the opaqueness to winds.

Tactic 95 : Bring the issue to the center stage

In today’s over-communicated times you can’t expect to muster enough attention, resources and action to an issue till that issue is up there on the stage and in the ‘agenda’. 

The trouble is not as much the attitude of the audience but that of their being a flood of issues and limited capacity of the human mind.

A word of caution:- You can’t expect the issue being up there on the stage under full spotlight till eternity! 

It won’t be there for long as there would be a long queue of issues waiting! 

So, once you are up there hit the nail fast and dead in. Every second up there is worth millions!

Tactic 94 : Controversy, Publicity

Nothing stirs the minds of audience like a controversy does. 

It is the quickest and surest way to branding success, fame and publicity. 

It can result in overnight change in the attention and treatment the subject commands, and hence, has tremendous tactical importance.

Tactic 93 : Shock plant the image

In their classic ‘The 22 Immutable laws of Marketing’, Al Ries and Jack Trout say “…you can’t worm your way into their mind and then slowly build up a favourable opinion over a period of time. 

The mind doesn’t work that way. You have to blast your way into the mind.”

It’s like having to dislodge a belief by knocking it out of the deep seat in the host’s memory by another belief.

Shock planted images are planted permanently. 

This is one of the most powerful methods of launching and establishing a brand – whether a product, a personality, an idea, etc.

Tactic 92: Imagine

One of the most powerful abilities of a human mind is the power to imagine and to simulate. 

Your mind can picture whatever you want it to. Use this heavenly ability to strategic applications.

Tactic 91 : Put a mirror

This is a dramatic way of putting anyone on defensive. 

The beauty of this trick is that you don’t need to utter even a word. 

The self-mage, consciousness, inherent fears, social cravings, esteem needs and insecurities take the toll.

Tactic 90 : Skirt-off

Instead of mishandling a situation, you are not ready for or comfortable with, it is better to avoid it lest some damage be done.

Tactic 89 : Play, Ignite emotions

When all the wakeup calls go unanswered rake up the emotions.

Tactic 88 : Self-Sacrifice

This is the ultimate confidence winning tactic. It can melt many a hardened attitudes.

Tactic 87 : Sympathy Factor

There is perhaps nobody whom sympathy doesn’t move. 

People decide emotionally. All logics fail when heart gives way. Your emotional vulnerability does the trick.

Tactic 86 : Holy War

When routine cause and calls fail to get past the differences between the factions, call for the superior and higher aim, the ‘holy war’.

Tactic 85 : Freeze, Pause, Status-Quo

Till you find a way to deal with a crucial situation it is important to lock the situation in its prevailing state to arrest the deterioration in the situation and to prevent any unfavourable developments.

Tactic 84 : Sacrifice, Dump

When there is no other better option left, dump / sacrifice the contentious factor unless there are other strategic reasons. 

It’s better to bear some loss than losing all!

Tactic 83 : We both die

When you are about to be unjustifiably crucified and you have no line of defence or appeal left, one last chance available is to try this tactic. 

However, this tactic will be effective only if your threat is real.

Tactic 82: Shock overdo the unexpected

When the tidings against you come suddenly and at an unmanageable pace one of the best ways to arrest this terrible onslaught is to shock the enemy or the onlookers by overdoing and the unbelievable and unexpected act even if were to do damage to self (especially if the loss this way is much lesser than what otherwise threatens to be).

Whatever it results into, it does succeed in the prime intended objective.

Tactic 81 : Keep the motors loaded

Lest they should burn themselves up or turn destructive!

Tactic 80 : Be smart

There is always a smart way of doing everything. It can save you a hundred heartaches and a thousand blisters.
All it requires is a belief that a smart way exists and the willingness to find it.

More than 99.9% of people on the planet are busy grinding their ways through their fates for failing to look sideways and trying something different!

All our lives we keep on digging miles long tunnels with our nails to the other side of our fortune only to discover on our deathbed that there existed a highway just half a mile left to where we toiled all our lives! 

Tactic 79 : Target

Use a target as a strategic tool to bind together, channelise and focus your resources whether time, men, mind-power, etc. besides acting as a multipurpose reference point.

Without a target random and casual orientation prevails. Without a target a person or a system is lost and goes astray.

Tactic 78 : Chain Reaction

Trigger a chain reaction and take cover under and advantage of what unfurls.

Tactic 77 : Template Multiply

What stands between a great idea and a revolution? …….numbers!

All you need to create those numbers is a template and a multiplication factor. That multiplication factor can be media, word of mouth, assembly line, network, system etc..

You will be shocked to see what miracle you can do with the power to multiply in your hand!

Tactic 76 : Amplify, Magnify

When you want to enhance the range and impact of what you have to say or show, amplify and magnify lest all should go waste.

Tactic 75 : Infrastructure

Just provide infrastructure and a world will spring up around it. 

Alter infrastructure and it will distort a world of habits related with it.

Tactic 74 : Blackmail

This may be your last, desperate and the only but surest mode of negotiation from an otherwise weak position.

Tactic 73 : Disturb the equations!

When the situation changes old solutions don’t apply.

Even the smallest of factors can dramatically change the dynamics of the situation.

Tactic 72 : Power of Attorney

If you can’t do it yourself or when it is not appropriate for you to get involved in the act yourself get the services of someone who can.

Tactic 71 : Exploit the SWOT

Only an amateur won’t do this! 

Everyone around you (and yourself) has a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) equation linked with him which keeps on changing.

Tactic 70 : Exhaust the enemy

Don’t rush into a strong and charged up enemy upfront. 

Hold it! Wait! Confronting a fresh and ready enemy can be suicidal.

Make the enemy waste or engage its precious resources in insignificant activities. A psychologically and materially exhausted enemy becomes a soft target.

Tactic 69 : Diplomacy

Diplomacy is the best disease you can suffer from. 

It immunizes you to all other infections.

Tactic 68 : Ride the opportunity

You want to escape from the situation. A horse is passing by. What will you do?

And the good thing is that a ‘horse’ is always passing by! Recognize it!

Tactic 67 : Capture, Eliminate, Overpower the leader

A million strong army does what its leader asks them to. 

Don’t fight the million. Focus instead on wining over leader.

Tactic 66 : Ally

Befriend with those who share your beliefs and values and strategic interests. 

This will be crucial in your survival amidst those who don’t.

Tactic 65 : Sabotage

This is another efficient and effective way of downing the unequal and mighty opponent with minimum resources.

Caution:- If you get caught, you are doomed. Often this is considered as the last resort mean.

Tactic 64 : Treachery

When you simply can’t stand the might of an opponent upfront, overpower him from behind. 

Inherently, treachery on expectations and loyalties is unethical. 

But using the concept to overpower your opponent for a strategic struggle by hitting at his weakest moment is a very effective tactic.

Tactic 63 : Mislead, Misdirect

This way you gain precious time. 

You may also succeed in safeguarding and concealing men, material and information from the opponents.

Tactic 62 : Run away to fight another day

When you feel that your chances of surviving the battle are very bleak and you are sure to incur heavy losses (even death), retreat to safety. 

Not because you are a coward but to save yourself for another assault at a later opportunity when your chances of winning will be considerable!

Only a fool or a Don Quixote will keep fighting the battle in which his death is a certainty (unless, of course it is a strategic decision).

Tactic 61 : Use disguise

If you want to see true colours of a person or true contours of a situation, use disguise.

Tactic 60 : Prolong, Over-Stretch

When you stretch even a rubber-band, it becomes thinner and weaker. 

What else can you expect from a situation which is stretched beyond its normal boundaries? 

Stretch a joke and it is no longer funny. Stretch an emotion and it is no longer touchy. 

Similarly, stretch a situation and people lose interest in it, not to mention the fact that the entire matter starts to lose significance, relevance and emotional grip!

Tactic 59 : Complicate, Render problem unsolvable

When you know that the situation is not going to turn up in your favour, one option you have is to render the case unsolvable. Complicate.

Besides, this tactic is suitable for situations or problems wherein it may be in your interest to maintain status quo or avoid solutions. 

Tactic 58 : Drag in China!

Get someone strong on your side against the opponent. 

Make the fight of your opponent difficult by several times.

This is exactly what Pakistan did when it gifted away some portion of the occupied Kashmir territory to China.

Tactic 57 : Overgive, but introduce ur conditions

Day in and day out, there are numerous situations wherein one party wants to take something while the other party is not willing to budge even an inch! 

Almost all of such situations can bypass stalemate by this tactic. 

There will never ever be a “No” to anything anyone asks. 

The only point will be “What do I get in return?”

Tactic 56 : Ignore

Ignoring someone, something is a very effective way of shutting him out. 

This is a very strong interpersonal tactic.

What better way to neutralize a person than not even acknowledging his views and existence.

Tactic 55 : Leak Away Hope

Hope keeps everyone alive and moving. 

Leak away the hope and you may be tempted to shoot yourself.

Tactic 54 : Kill the confidence

Confidence is at the heart of anything you do. 

You won’t take even a single step if you were not confident that your foot will land safely. You wouldn’t eat anything till you were confident that it weren’t poisoned.

Confidence moves everything. Kill the confidence and you have crippled a person.

Tactic 53 : Neutralize Enemy's Strength

How ferocious really is the most ferocious dog with its mouth securely gripped close with a steel net?

Or with his mouth free and open but with no teeth inside?

A dog is nothing but its bark and bite! Minus both he is less than a sheep.

Tactic 52 : Blow the mental fuse; Disturb

Disturb a person’s mental peace and order and he is crippled.

Tactic 51 : Use

Anyone, anything, anywhere can be used as a tool in your scheme of things.

Tactic 50 : Induce a Habit

A habit symbolizes a programmed mind. 

It results into repetition. It can be employed and developed as a mental trap.

Tactic 49 : Trap!!!

A trap is a no-escape situation the target is made to walk into. 

Like the chess endgame it requires meticulous planning of several moves in advance.

Tactic 48 : Emotional Ride

How long can you laugh non-stop unadulterated? How long can you cry non-stop? Not much, really! 

Very soon the law of diminishing returns suffocates the emotional state. Nothing bores and dies like monotony.

Now consider yourself being subjected alternately to laughter, tears, awe, surprise, shock ,tension….in a smartly progressing story. 

How long can you be in such a ride? You will be amazed at your capacity!

Use emotional ride to sustain and enhance audience interest in your act!

Tactic 47 : Run with Hares, Hunt with Hounds

This way you can claim ‘dual citizenship’ and the benefits and perks it comes with. It is also known as ‘playing the double game’ or ‘double crossing’. 

However, opting for this tactic itself is a sign of being on a strategic weak ground.

A word of caution – This tactic is double edged sword! You will be thrown out of both the worlds if ever the things go wrong. And sooner or later, something does go wrong.

Tactic 46 : Fuel the Greed

When the opponent is greedy (read desperately yearns) about something it should spell “opportunity” for you, for you have got a clue to move him around.

Tactic 45 : Noise

Noise is inversely proportional to clarity. 

When you want to enhance clarity, reduce the noise. 

And when you need to reduce the clarity and hamper communication, create or increase the noise.

Tactic 44 : Power Play

Display power in innovative as well as routine ways to influence, intimidate, dominate and impress.

Tactic 43 : Coffin

Put a dustbin and trash will follow. Create a product and buyers will show up. Line up devotees and a guru will appear. 

Get a coffin, a dead body will turn up. 

Tactic 42 : Lose the Battle, Win the War

You may tactically lose a particular battle to mentally slacken the enemy or to push him into the state of complacency.

All this to win the war (what ultimately matters).

A word of caution: This may lead to the demoralization of your troops. But on second thoughts, a good leader can also use the loss to fire up his men! This way this will turn out to be a two hits in one shot!

Tactic 41 : Disarm

How about neutralizing the very and only strength the opponent has? 

More often than not, it can be best done by assuming non-threatening, non-confrontationist submissive friendly stance. This can also be done vide a host of other tactics. 

Surrender on the contentious issue (which is the main armament of the opponent)right at the outset. (And then open other fronts).

Tactic 40 : Bait

Anything valued by the target can act as a bait for him! Bait to suit the fish!

Tactic 39 : Sell

With this I mean ‘Smart selling’ – that is getting people to “yes” fast and easy. Don’t break open the lock, use the key!

The trick is very simple. Spend some time getting to know the realities of the person, identify a problem or need in his life (it may be psychological or functional) to which your product or offering can be an exciting answer! This will result in a big gain or reduction in some pain in a big way!

And believe me, each one of the mortals among has at least a hundred problems and two hundred unmet desires!

Tactic 38 : Share of the cake!

Win them over, silence them, involve them, get their cooperation and loyalty by giving them a share of the cake. However, there is nothing called free lunch! 

Sharing the cake comes with numerous hooks such as sharing the responsibility and liability. Very often than not, it is a losing proposition for the receiver.

Tactic 37 : Key Decision !

Take the key decision and you seal the fate.

There are times when a single decision has the power of yielding far reaching consequences. It can alter the course of action entirely. The decision opens a hundred gates while seals the fate of thousand others.

Howsoever hard you may try thereafter to reverse the implications of the decision, you simply can’t!

The key decision outweighs a thousand routine ones. Miss the key-decision and you end up chasing a thousand decisions to straighten the damage done!

Tactic 36 : Candour !

You score feel-good and faith points with the people when you admit a negative. 

Strategically speaking, that may be the thing you might be looking for!

Tactic 35 : Atmosphere, Ambience, Special Effects

How many times has it happened that the presentation, the packaging, the special effects, the atmosphere, the ambience did ‘it’ even before an analysis could be carried out on the actual thing?

Or, does this happen every time! I guess, it does.

Although these special effects are no alternative to the real thing, yet they have a very strong influence on the fate of the real thing! They can bridge gaps! At times, they can even cover up the entire thing! At worst, they can smoothen out the edges.

Knowing that people decide emotionally and justify logically use the ambience and atmosphere to influence.

Tactic 34 : Relativity ; Point-of-view

Tell me, how large is the number 300? Very small, Small, Big, Very big?
Can’t tell! O.K., let me add to the question-
…..when compared to 3?
…..when compared to 30000?

Is the heat good or bad?
Is mountain X high or low?
Is this step justified or not?

Well, it all depends on where are you standing, and what is your point of reference or the point of view?

The entire equation dramatically changes the moment we introduce a comparison by way of relating one thing to another.

This tactic gives you the power to alter the interpretation, analysis and clout of virtually anything as long as You can find something to relate it to or can change the point of view!

Tactic 33 : Turn the Spotlight !

Spotlight is a multipurpose tool. It can be used in positive as well as negative applications.

When somebody is under a spotlight, whether real or figurative, he/she becomes a centre of focus and public attention.

But spotlight can be inspiring as well as intimidating.

Anyone, who is familiar with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs will agree with me that ‘spotlight’ symbolizes one of the highest needs of any human being. Give a person full flood of the spotlight when you want to offer him a platform for self-esteem and social recognition.

On the contrary, throw the spotlight on somebody who is overtly a critic or a “back-bencher troublemaker” This will instantly make him/her conscious and nervous. It will throw up a challenge up to him/her. At that particular moment he/she is set up against all those in front open to scrutiny and criticism.
Kill the misadventure.

Tactic 32 : Turn the tables!

In every situation there is always at least one masterly stroke which can turn the entire scenario upside down!

Howsoever strong a person or argument or setting may be, it is always hanging by some basic assumptions and support hooks. 

Find out.

Tactic 31 : Set the Cat among the Pigeons

When you need to choke, threaten, influence and reveal the true colours of a phenomenon, set the cat amidst the pigeons. 

It also kills the group dynamics.

Tactic 30 : Dummy

Till you know it’s a dummy, it does serve the purpose beautifully.

Tactic 29 : Lateral

A problem or a puzzle is very often shielded from solutions from one side only! 

It is vulnerable from all other sides. Very vulnerable. Pity, one dimensional brains fail to notice this. Try lateral.

Tactic 28 : Steroids

It may be a public recognition or a heady appreciation. 

It may be endorsement from someone high up there. It may be a dream gift. It may be a glorious achievement. It may be an expensive gizmo, or a dream vacation, or a prestigious award. Big bucks, chocolate, a new toy, ……..

Nothing pumps up the adrenalin, motivates, inspires and stimulates your performance like a mental steroid!

Tactic 27 : Shock Awake!!!

What you have to say is taken as seriously as it appears from the way you say it.

No doubt, you can get across your point in non-dramatic routine manner also and expect the receiver to take note of the message but you can’t expect the level of sensitivity to be sufficient enough.

Many a times, the best way to get across a point is the shock therapy. That way it gets archived in the memory in a very special place.

Dramatic, shock messages get through to the destination much faster and effectively. They yield quicker reaction and are taken more seriously.

Tactic 26 : Control Resources

What’s true with information is equally true with the resources. 

Nobody can do anything without adequate resources. 

Control the resource-supply and you control the task.

Tactic 25 : Control Information

A man is but his mind! 

There is little useful difference in any two persons except what’s in their heads. And what’s in their heads makes the hell of a difference!

Every moment we are alive, all we are doing is playing with information and acting on it.

Blacking out all information can cripple the normal functioning of any individual, group or system.

Control the quantity and quality of information and you control that individual.

Tactic 24 : Power Nogotiate

You cannot negotiate from a point of weakness.

But the irony is that you never are in a point of absolute weakness!

Get as much information about the opponent as possible. Get a thorough feel of the situation, figure-out the needs, urgencies, deadlines, limits, realities, constraints, strengths and weaknesses of the opponent as well as yourself. 

All this knowledge will hint you your strategic strength from which you can derive your power.

With this power under your belt, you can negotiate what you need much more effectively. 

Tactic 23 : Step-up the speed!

It is exactly the opposite of the previous tactic.

Tactic 22 : Slow Down!

The main objective is to disturb the rhythm, pace and plans of the opponent. 

This tactic is especially successful if the opponent is in a hurry, has a lot at stake at the speed of the proceedings, or is excited and impatient.

This way you gain more time and upset your adversary.

He is very likely to go crazy at the sign of the slowdown.

And that is precisely what you would need in a situation which is fast slipping out of your hand and you have been constantly failing to gain a foot-hold.

Tactic 21 : Render irrelevant, out-dated

What better way to neutralize the situation or question by rendering it irrelevant altogether!!!

It’s the smartest thing you can do. Everyone is left standing behind like pitiable fools!

Finding that gem of a stroke, however, is the real challenge for your mind.

Tactic 20 : Win - Win

Heads: I win, Tails: You loose, No toss: Suits me even better!!!

Create such a situation. Take such a stance and wait!

Inherently, every situation can be converted into a win-win situation. All you need is to have a thorough understanding of the field layout, the opponents realities and a slight control on your ambitious desires!

Tactic 19 : Bizarre!!!

Crazy…..! Strange…..! Weird…..! Unbelievable…..!

Bizarre actions and moves can never be anticipated, and hence, can’t be safeguarded against.

It confuses everybody, upsets the apple-carts and all prepared countermeasures.
It catches everyone on the wrong-foot, upsets the equations, tests the opponents to their limits.
It shocks everyone into disbelief with the first reaction often being “Has he gone mad!!!”
It throws open some hundred options. It never fails to bring a dead silence in the field! Provided, of course,
It is bizarre and impactful enough!!

Caution: There, however, should be one person, always, for whom your action should never be bizarre. You!
Also, the seemingly bizarre action must be inherently well-directed, purposeful and, most importantly, under control. Don’t start anything which you can’t stop!

Tactic 18 : Turn on the heat!!!

Pressure doesn’t go waste. 

It is a scientific fact! It does result into some action, some work, some change, some reaction. 

What happens when the pressure is exerted from multiple points? And what happens when the pressure increases beyond the bearable limit?

Words of caution: The pressure is also there on the piston which is exerting the pressure in the first place! However, only the weak points succumb.

Tactic 17 : Get Big-time Endorsement!

Instant attention, instant credibility, instant recognition…..that is what you get when you get some big-time endorsement.

A word of caution: Choose the endorsement very carefully keeping in mind the end objectives.

Tactic 16 : Use Strategic Powers!

Everyone has strategic strength(s), whether or not he/she is aware of it. 

At least, everyone has something in or with or around him that can be a very useful or even decisive tool in a given situation. These strengths may be long-term / permanent, or situational and time-bound. 

A strength, however, is not a strength till it is perceived as such or used to that effect. And it is strategic if it is exclusive and useful at the point of time. Use that power if you need.

Tactic 15 : Renovate, Rejouvenate!

Ageing, whether that of a person, or an idea or a concept or that of a product, is certain. 

With ageing comes dullness, repetition, monotony, suffocation, ……….

When the excitement about life or product or concept dies, it’s the first sign of the approaching death or uncertain future. It definitely causes arrest in the growth.

Freshness revives that excitement. Renovation results in that rare combination of change as well as continuity. 

It results into an all-new fresh innings, a fresh start. It even results in fresh ideas, a fresh stock-taking of SWOT, a fresh commitment, new goals, new meanings and motivations,…..and it is the best time to shed some of the irrelevant, inefficient and non-value adding burdens.

Even the most successful of phenomenon require contemporary redressing and facelift!

A word of caution: Do not disturb your core strengths, your core equations, your core values and value additions. Don’t over-do it. 

Tactic 14 : Induce competition

Struggle for survival and race for one-upmanship leads to a fierce fight! Nothing improves like it does in a competition!

Just one word of caution: A referee and some rules are a must.

Tactic 13 : Divide & Rule!

Divide the enemy camp in two halves and their strategic power against you reduces to a quarter!

Tactic 12 : Replace Habit with Habit

It is often extremely difficult to change any pattern which has become habitual. It is because a habit is actually an extension of a lifestyle, a personality and overall dynamics of the situation. 

You can’t uproot the habit without disturbing the very existence of the host. Either the effort fails further strengthening the roots of habit or can do considerable damage. 

The habit may that of an individual or a group but it can always be replaced with another habit which takes advantage of the weakness of the original habit while adding value and meeting the unmet requirements of the host person / group.

Tactic 11 : Do it in Steps

Eat elephant in slices - they say! That’s right ! Not only does it make the thing logistically feasible and psychologically easy but it also makes it a relatively invisible change. The resistance to such a change is highly reduced. The entire environment ; including the human factor manages to cope up with the pace of the change.

Tactic 10 : Make stranger familiar & familiar stranger !

Very often the stalemate in the situation is because of the blind spots that get developed over
a period of time or general situation of lack of ideas. The perspective and the viewpoints get stuck up in such situations. 

A whole new spectrum of ideas spring up when the hitherto familiar situation or person suddenly turns up as a stranger or vice versa. 

Suddenly, the change triggers our mind into observation, analysis and action. We see many things which earlier simply went un-noticed because of the “used to” factor. Fresh ideas, fresh perspective, fresh mind lead to a fresh approach to the entire thing. Besides, this generates a lot of excitement and “relate-to feel-good factor”.

Tactic 9 : Culture Shock!

A whole new experience shakes you out of your mental slumber, indifference, crippling habits
and dead-weight inertia.

You get new eyes, new mind, new software and the most important a whole new desire………
Take or give a culture shock!

Tactic 8 : Give Psycho-Treatment!

The man of the moment is nothing but the state of his mind. Influence his mind and you can influence his thoughts and action, positively or negatively.

Serve him the tailor-made treatment.

Tactic 7 : Flood, Overload, Choke!!!

When you just don’t want to be seen on the wrong side and yet want to overpower while being on the right side, flood them, overload them, choke them to a “no, no”.

This tactic is based on the fact that excessive deficiency alone doesn’t kill, oversupply beyond the capacity of the system can also choke to death. Excessive sugar also kills.

Tactic 6 : Bureaucracy

Strangulate and spin off with bureaucracy. Do ‘it’ in the line of ‘duty and responsibility’.

Tactic 5 : Derail, Confuse, Scuttle!!!

When your defeat is up their on the walls and there is nothing more you can do, derail the train!
Jeopardize, sabotage the entire thing.

Tactic 4 : Stunning Attention Diverter!

Unsettle them, divert their attention and influence them heavily with something stunning,
albeit…subtly and with an element of innocence! Endorse your humble face value with dashing
and overwhelming real value.

Tactic 3 : Dodge them

When you are being followed or watched, and ‘their’ strategy or reaction is going to be based on the course of action you select, then –
Make them believe X and at the last moment, do …………..well, not even Y…………but……K !!!

Catch them on the wrong foot. Be unpredictable…absolutely. Be spontaneous.

Tactic 2 : Worsen, before Improving!

Want to take strategic mileage from the improving of the situation? Want to highlight the improvement ?
Let the graph slump down further and then stage a sharp and “smart” recovery.

If the situation is not too bad as yet, the improvement and your contribution in that won’t appear significant. You would have lost a chance to score strategic points. Small gap bridged often goes unnoticed and thankless.
Dramatic improvement leaves behind heroes!

Tactic 1 : Wipe out the line with a bigger one!

Whenever you are confronted with a situation which seems un-surmountable let it be overwhelmingly over-shadowed and wiped out by another concurrent event bigger in impact. In other words, divert the attention emphatically.

Pray that such an event happens on its own. Otherwise, create one.

This will considerably diminish the focus and force of the situation, besides giving you time.
Every situation or event has a life cycle. It can never be exactly rewound. No event ever gains the same amount of focus or importance which it does during its original staging.

A situation is not even a tenth portion as strong as when it is new. It is because in its original run, it is favorably superimposed by many time-bound environmental factors which are no longer there later!.

Truncating a situation mid-life kills its sting. The dynamics of the situation will never be the same again !


A tactic is a trick, a tool, a stratagem.

Believe it or not, each one of us knowingly or unknowingly bear, walk through and apply countless numbers and types of tactics everyday! Many a times we or our families or our nations are victimized by them. If only we knew them, we could identify them, safeguard against them or employ them to our well being!

A particular tactic is not fit for all situations. But every situation has at least one or more tactic which fit in perfectly.
The main purpose of my work on ‘tactics’ is to give a tool in the hands of hapless people and groups and nations who are pitted against unequal fights and challenges with a hope that a tactic can make, howsoever small, contribution towards improving the quality of their lives. Why use violence of any form when 'it' can be done in an 'efficient' way.

Like any other power, a tactic, too, can be put to good as well as unethical use. The discretion on the part of the user is requested, advised and expected.

These tactics have been identified from live realities.

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